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Over the past 20 years Manhattan Loft Corporation has moved from niche player to nascent superbrand. Established in 1992 by Harry Handelsman, its success is based on challenging conventions and addressing the needs of individuals rather than “the market”. No two MLC projects are alike; each one represents a fresh engagement with a place and the people that surround it. MLC is about harnessing the best in forward-thinking new design, creating developments that break the mould and environments that address the changing needs of the community.

Having established an enviable legacy in the residential sector, MLC has also developed world-renowned hotels, mixed-use and office developments. The concentration of projects, both past and present, has been in London, although MLC also develops nationally and in Europe.

MLC helped trigger a design revolution

Evening Standard

As Harry Handelsman states, “When I launched Manhattan Loft Corporation I endeavoured to set it apart from all other property development companies, an ambition which I believe we achieved not only through pioneering the lifestyle concept which we now know as loft-living but also through my vision for each unique individual development.”

Pushing the boundaries both creatively and commercially is something MLC has continued to do over the past 20 years. The result has been the most extraordinary journey through some of London’s forgotten areas, and some of its most established. We have worked with some truly fantastic pieces of architecture, which we hope will continue to influence our capital’s landscape for decades to come.

It is the unerring ability of Handelsman to identify areas just before they become chic that is the cornerstone of his genius

Nick Foulkes

The Harry effect has been truly radical: it’s moved London on

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