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George Clarke at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

George Clarke at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

We were delighted to have The Home Show and Restoration Man’s George Clarke at our St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, filming for a new episode of Restoration Man. He loved our restoration of the hotel, and wished he could buy one of our apartments…

MrGeorgeClarke: The Restoration of the St Pancras Station and the incredible Hotel is without a doubt my favourite restoration IN THE WORLD!

@MrGeorgeClarke: Only took us 8 years of meticulous restoration… but hey, look at the result! Would love to give you a tour some time?

@manhattanloft: I’d really love that…Caroline has my details

@manhattanloft: can I buy an apartment please?

@MrGeorgeClarke: We’d love to sell you an apartment! Sadly, St Pancras sold out long ago… but we’re launching our next masterpiece soon!

@manhattanloft: shame…keep me posted
The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel was featured in an episode of The Restoration Man aired on 16 February 2012 on Channel